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By Heidi Kumm

Year-round Road Trip Essentials

Hit the road, year-round, with our list of road trip essentials. We'll keep you comfortable, well fed and stoked on exploring.

By Gina Begin

New Adventures with Strangers

New Adventures with Stranger You call up our friends for a day on the trail. You and...

By Gina Begin

Break the Routine

Break the Routine …travel formed me as much as my formal education. – David Rockefeller You’re stuck...

By David Ball

What You Need to Know: Slot Canyons

What You Need to Know: Slot Canyons In my adopted home of Utah we have so many...

By Gina Begin

41 GIFs to Convey how Good/Bad that Adventure Really Was

Being an outdoor person means being part of a subculture that’s not often understood by the mainstream....

By Gina Begin

7 Outdoor Podcasts for Your Next Road Trip

You’re on the road for your next adventure. As you venture into the smaller back roads, the radio...

By Gina Begin

How to Photograph Kids on Outdoor Adventures

The moments of early adventure are fleeting. To help you get a handle on capturing creative photos...

By Gina Begin

15 Ways to Make Snow Fall this Winter

15 Ways to Make Snow Fall this Winter Try these rituals alone or by layering them into...

By Gina Begin

4 Foundational Elements A First-Time Skier Should Know—Part 4: Gear

What First-Time Skiers Should Know: Gear So you’re finally taking the plunge and getting on skis this...