#HikerChat Meet Up: Twin Lakes

#HikerChat Meet Up: Twin Lakes


Most people come to the Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City, UT to meet with brands, connect with colleagues + establish working relationships…on the showroom floor. Here at TETON Sports we do exactly that, but on Saturday’s we like to take it one step further. It’s an ‘outdoor’ show so we like to take our socializing beyond the four walls of the Salt Palace.



This is where the #hikerchat meet up comes into play! Every OR Show, for the past few years, we have hosted a hike or snowshoe in the canyons surrounding Salt Lake City. Of course, one cannot simply go outside…one must also consume delicious food with friends as well! After our chatty trek into the wilderness we return to the TETON Sports showroom to indulge in all of the deliciousness!



This past year [ah, last weekend!] we met a posse of social media-ites at the Silver Lake Loop trailhead. We all loaded up on fancy new TETON Sports t-shirts, CampChef cups + Catalyst cases before hitting the trail. Our group of about 20 people started up the trail in search of the Twin Lakes Reservoir.

The majority of us are avid + experienced hikers [thus our involvement in the #hikerchat Twitter chat!] but you’d never guess it by how we hike during our #hikerchat outings! We’re moving forward but we’re often distracted by stories + photos along the way…what can we say, we rarely see each other + there is a lot to catch up on!



After a chatty stop at the edge of the Twin Lakes Reservoir we continued along the way to an overlook further up the trail then headed back to the cars. Apparently the TETON Sports’ guys [ahem, Shawn + Landon] were going to grill up some tasty burgers on the new CampChef grill they were testing out. That is some solid product testing…we put that grill to work! It cooked up about 70 burgers, a few steaks + heaping piles of mushrooms + onions. #yum

Side Note: If you’re hosting a backyard cook out you may want to consider commissioning Shawn + Landon, if only for the entertainment! Just consider chopping your own onions…



We finished off our #hikerchat meet up with a few intense rounds of arcade hoops + a killer gear giveaway before we slowly made our ways back to reality via Uber, car + plane. This summer’s OR Show was officially over + many of us were saying good bye…until the next OR Show or even next year.



Each season the Outdoor Retailer show changes a bit — new brands arrive, booths get more elaborate, products become more high tech — but when the stress of chasing down appointments in a massive convention center becomes too much there is always the #hikerchat meet up. A rather dramatic statement, yes…but it’s the truth. The crew at TETON Sports is an interesting bunch + they sure know how to bring together a wide variety of outdoorists! Don’t believe us? Join us!


This coming Friday we’re hosting our weekly #hikerchat Twitter chat — all you need is a Twitter handle + the ability to answer questions with the #hikerchat hashtag attached! We start the conversation at 10am MDT + wrap it up about an hour later. Join us for the whole time or just pop in when you get a chance, we’re welcoming either way. It’s a pretty stellar community of passionate people who will go out of their way to make sure you feel comfortable exploring the world!

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