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#HikerChat Quick Tip: Camping with Dogs

#HikerChat Quick Tip: Camping with Dogs

We’ve all heard the saying, “Dog is man’s best friend,” and as such our K9 friends love adventuring and camping with us. Indeed a pup can make one of the most loyal adventure buddies. However, there are a few tips that can make your next trip easier and more enjoyable for you, your dog and everyone else.

  1. Keep Your Dog Cool or Warm

During the hot summer months it can be easy for a dog to overheat, especially depending on the breed. When the sun is blazing down and the temperatures are high making sure you take breaks when out hiking, especially with shade.

When it’s cold out be sure to have appropriate clothing for your dog, whether it’s a sweater, dog booties, or their own sleeping bag, this will ensure camping with dogs will be fun and enjoyable.


2. Snacks, Food and Water

Camping with dogs is similar to camping kids, keep them happy with snacks, food and water. Going back to the first tip it is very important to have water available, and lots of it, on those hot days. Snacks will help keep your dog happy and ready to explore and play.

3. Etiquette

Camping with dogs, or any pet, requires a level of etiquette to keep all involved happy. When in a campsite always keep your dog on a leash regardless of how well behaved your pup may be, it is always best practice. Be sure to clean up any dog poop and properly dispose of it. If your dog is especially vocal you may want to consider where you decide to camp to avoid keeping neighbors awake at night in popular campsites.

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