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How to find a hiking partner

One of our recent posts covered safety for hikers. In that article, we mentioned the importance of hiking with a group or partner. And we’d like to reiterate: “You should always have at least one buddy along [on your] hike if you plan on hiking a low-traffic trail. They can help with any unpleasant circumstances like an injury.” But what if you’re new to hiking, the area, or just want to meet new people with a similar love for the outdoors? We have a few good ideas for where to find just such a group.

Social media can be a great resource for finding a friend or group for many outdoor occasions like hiking. Here is a short list of some of our favorite virtual hang outs for adventurers:

– TETON Sports hosts a weekly chat on Twitter (drop by on Fridays at Noon EST) #HikerChat. It’s a great place to meet new hiking friends.

– Or if you’re from the other side of the pond, check out this favorite spot: for European adventuring. There you can meet other hikers and podcast your adventures in real time!

Getting Your Buddy Outdoors

Are you already a seasoned hiker and want to take someone you already know out hiking? We recommend starting them out on small short walks and then slowly build up to longer and longer hikes. As you can imagine, jumping in from doing little walking to all day excursions makes for one sore beginner.

Be Safe

We add a quick word of caution about meeting people online. Remember, meet people in public places and get to know them prior to going out alone. Also bring along more people so it isn’t so secluded.

Good luck finding your hiking buddy! We hope you’ve found some good resources here. Please share your favorites with us!

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