Oh, the Places You’ll #HikerChat

Oh, the Places You’ll #HikerChat


If you’re looking to travel for your next hiking trip but aren’t sure where to turn for inspiration, here’s your answer:


What started as a way to collaborate in a weekly Twitter chat has since spread beyond the platform to Instagram. Hikers use the hashtag to show off the views to which their two feet have carried them.

We’ve gathered up some of the diverse vistas from the #hikerchat feed, along with the thoughts the hikers shared from the places they snapped. There’s also location info in case you’d like to go there yourself — well, at least as specific as the hikers were willing to provide; sometimes it’s worth making others discover places themselves!

Oh, the Places You'll #HikerChatLocation: Colorado River

Hiker: @jordankatter

Thoughts: One single edge between life and death — It’s crazy to think about, ya know? It’s good to have someone support and pursue such an adventurous lifestyle with me who isn’t afraid to step outside of the comfort zone. ♡

Photo credit: @Nature.Cure1


Oh, the Places You'll #HikerChat

Location: Resurrection Bay, Alaska

Hiker: @heatherschoice

Thoughts: When the weather calls for rain, you go puddle stomping 🙂 With nothing but time on our hands out at the Derby Cove Cabin, we explored the tidal pools of Resurrection Bay. Watching the ocean and realizing its power as it swiftly moved in and out was humbling. The clouds may have been grim, but there was still plenty of exploring to be done if you gear up + get out there.

Oh, the Places You'll #HikerChat 

Location: Undisclosed

Hiker: @myhikingadventures


How to babysit:

  • choose a wide open space with no sharp objects
  • relax

Oh, the Places You'll #HikerChat

Location: Angeles National Forest, California

Hiker: @michaelwigle

Thoughts: I’ve waited for five years to shoot scenes like this in the San Gabriel mountains. The conditions have to be just right. I kept my Canon EOS 5Dmkii and 24mm F/1.4 USM II lens clipped to my shoulder in subzero temperatures. The second I saw this sunburst from the clouds, I was ready to capture it!


 Oh, the Places You'll #HikerChat

Location: Undisclosed location in Colorado

Hiker: @offthegridgirl

Thoughts: I love you winter, but how many days until spring again? Seriously missing everything about it. The warm sun. A heavy pack on my shoulders. Hiking in shorts. Hiking in tank tops and tees. Dirty “summer feet.” The heat. The sweat. The feeling of taking off your hiking boots at the end of a long trek and switching ’em out for a worn-out pair of sandals. The cool night air. The sweet, thick scent of summer. Endless camping, backpacking, campfires, and sub-zero dips in alpine lakes.

I could go on and on and on.

I’m so over cold, early mornings waiting for my car to warm up while I, well, do the exact opposite.

Waiting not-so patiently for you Miss Spring!


 Oh, the Places You'll #HikerChat

Location: Escalante National Monument, Utah

Hiker: @utahtravels

Thoughts: Toad-Stools of the Grand Staircase of Escalante National Monument, about 30 miles south (towards Page) of Kanab, about a 1.5 mile roundtrip hike right off the freeway.

I’ve been wanting to see this for a long time. It didn’t disappoint! (Even though I gave up on the sunset too early and walked away from one of the prettiest desert sunsets I’ve seen. Ha!)


Oh, the Places You'll #HikerChat

Location: Outer Banks, North Carolina

Hiker: @niallwanderlust grabs a shot while stargazing on the beach.

(A photo repost by @appalachiantrials  for the #hikerchat feed.)


Oh, the Places You'll #HikerChat

Location: Charles H. Bronson State Forest, Christmas (the town!), Florida

Hiker: @rachelfelicity

Thoughts: I went on my first backpacking trip this weekend AND it was with strangers, so I didn’t really know what to expect. But it was an amazing weekend full of inside jokes, singing trail songs off-key, splashing through flooded trails, late night games, killer cows, good food, nasty grey watering, and meeting some great new friends!

My hips may be tender but my heart is happy. ❤


Oh, the Places You'll #HikerChat

Location: Porto Santo, Portugal

Hiker: @inesfontes

Thoughts: (or at least, a quoted thought. ; )

“I believe that there is a subtle magnetism in Nature, which, if we unconsciously yield to it, will direct us aright.” – Henry David Thoreau


Oh, the Places You'll #HikerChat

Location: Toketee Falls, Oregon

Hiker: nature.cure1 

Thoughts: I am so ready to explore a completely different terrain, I’m longing for green. I am headed to Iceland in March, but it will still be very cold and mostly dark, and not quite sure how green the landscape will be this time of year, but I am hoping some green northern lights will cure the wanderlust twitch-N-itch.

Photo credit@nikkisu333


Oh, the Places You'll #HikerChat

LocationLittle Cottonwood Canyon, Utah

Photo: @utahhiker

Thoughts: The north/south running ridges on the Little Cottonwood formation make for great mountaineering practice!


If you’re on Instagram, take a look at the #hikerchat hashtag and see the places these ‘grammers go; you might find your boots taking you there next.

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