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By Heidi Kumm

Why YOU Should Try Basecamp Adventures!

Everyone camps a bit differently — out of a backpack, on the go or in campgrounds with...

By Heidi Kumm

Keeping Tabs on Your Adventure Goals

We just shared tips on how to set your outdoor goals for the year — how to...

By Meg Atteberry

How To Properly Care for Your Down Jacket

An in-depth look at how to care for your down jacket and get the most life out of your gear.

By Heidi Kumm

Conquering Self Doubt

You’ve created a list, you’ve checked it thrice. Your pack is full, your phone is charged. You...

By Heidi Kumm

Year-round Road Trip Essentials

Hit the road, year-round, with our list of road trip essentials. We'll keep you comfortable, well fed and stoked on exploring.

By Meg Atteberry

How to Make Your Outdoor Dreams Come True

Do you have a big goal in the outdoors? Maybe you want to summit a mountain, or perhaps you're looking to tackle a big hike. When it comes to planning and executing a big outdoor goal, you want to think smart.