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By Meg Atteberry

Tips for Transitioning from Indoor to Outdoor Climbing

In recent years, the sport of climbing has skyrocketed in popularity. With new events being added to...

By Heidi Kumm

The Best Ways to Enjoy a Beach Adventure

I’ve always defined myself as more of a mountain girl — I was raised many, many miles...

By Heidi Kumm

Why You Should Go Bike-Packing

We’ve all seen people bike-packing — they’re the people atop bikes that are loaded up with gear....

By Meg Atteberry

How to Get Outside in Adverse Weather

Getting outside in less-than-ideal conditions can sometimes be a little fun. There’s something exciting about getting caught...

By Heidi Kumm

Solo Adventuring: Things to Consider

There are plenty of reasons to head out on your next adventure alone. Maybe your regular adventure...

By Meg Atteberry

Get in Shape for Your Big Outdoor Adventure

For many of us, winter is the season to hibernate under a blanket with a whole lotta Netflix...