#hikerchat snowshoe meetup

#HikerChat Snowshoe Meetup

#HikerChat Snowshoe Meetup

If you're not yet familiar with #Hikerchat let's take a quick minute to catch you up. #HikerChat was started as a Twitter chat with the goal of starting a community that could live, grow, and develop from a group of people into a place full of friends with differing backgrounds, united by a love of the outdoors. Since that initial Twitter chat, #HikerChat has grown into an ever-increasing community that spans multiple digital spaces (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.) as well as sometimes spontaneous meetups with #HikerChat friends, or planned events. To foster this sense of community, we here at TETON Sports, have for the last few years put on bi-yearly meetups that revolve around the Outdoor Retailer trade show here in SLC, Utah. In the Winter, we partner up with Tubbs Snowshoes for a snowshoe event and in the Summer, we get together for a warm weather hike in the Wasatch Mountains overlooking SLC.

 About a month ago we got together for our annual snowshoe adventure. We had a group that consisted of outdoor enthusiast, bloggers, photographers, hikers, backpackers, runners, and so many more, from all over the United States. The snow this winter has been great in Utah so we had fresh powder to tromp around on, and throw in each other's faces, naturally. We opted to take the group on a relatively short and fun out and back in Big Cottonwood Canyon, starting at the Spruces Trailhead. At the trailhead the group circled up, a we do every time, and shared their name and social media handle(s). Many times, as was true this time, everyone is familiar with one another through the digital space, but this is generally the first time people have met in person, so linking a face with Twitter or Instagram handle can be helpful. From there the group took off, up the trail while talking in groups about previous and upcoming adventures, outdoor photography techniques, training, and about everything else you can surmise would be a topic for discussion in an outdoor-focused #HikerChat group. We meandered casually up the trail, stopping occasionally to check something out, take a couple of photos, or grab a quick snack. Eventually, a consensus was reached that it was time to eat, which meant two things: turn around for food and start a snowball war; apparently.  

 Some in the group darted ahead, avoiding the danger that soon set in for everyone else, because it wasn't long until snow was flying, WWE wrestling moves were being used, and people were front flipping off steep mountain sides into fresh powder: the joys of some time with new and old friends on the trails. Eventually, the collective group made it back, hungrier than before, a bit tired, and certainly a bit wet and cold. To warm up and fill up, we at TETON Sports, host a meal at our showroom after every event for those who would like to join from the adventure, or for those who couldn't make the adventure but want to enjoy some food and socializing. This year's menu was hot off the iron waffles with all sorts of toppings, fresh fruit, and a hot chocolate bar. Yum! Everyone ate well and got a chance to sit down and get to know each other a bit more. This year's #HikerChat snowshoe was another success, we are already excited about seeing you all in the Summer!

 Want to join in next time? Just keep an eye out for the next meetup and come join us!