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#HikerChat : What is it? Your Guide to the Digital Outdoors.

#HikerChat :

What is it? Your Guide to the Digital Outdoors. As many of you may know here at TETON Sports, we co-host the biggest outdoor chat on Twitter every Friday at noon (EST) along with our friends at American Backcountry Tees. Over the last several months #HikerChat has become an online community where beginner to veteran hikers, campers, and general outdoor enthusiasts ask questions, find hiking partners, give feedback on gear, share their outdoor adventures, and recommend the best places to hike.

Basics To join #HikerChat, jump on Twitter any Friday at Noon (EST) and use the hashtag “#HikerChat” to view the conversation. When you want to reply, be sure to use the “#HikerChat” hashtag again in your response. The hashtag will allow you to play a part in the #HikerChat community. Come meet some amazing people!

Tips To make life easier we suggest using a Twitter client program to help organize the chat because it can get intense. We like TweetDeck because you can build your columns to watch the #HikerChat stream, watch those tweeting to you, and also monitor your normal feed.

 Now you’re a #HikerChat Twitter Master! Congrats. If you have any questions, please comment below and we’ll get them answered. See you Friday at Noon (EST). Adventure On! TETON Sports