So, your sleeping bag has developed a funky smell. Let us guess, too many days dirtbagging without a shower? Hey, we've all been there. But it’s important to keep your bag clean so you don’t void your warranty and are able to enjoy it for years to come.

The type of care your sleeping bag needs depends on its materials. To help you maintain your warranty and keep your bag looking (and smelling) its best, we put together the following guidelines to help you care for your bag like a pro.

General Tips for Caring for Your Sleeping Bag:

  1. If you air out your sleeping bag out after each use, you will need to wash it less.
  2. Open your bag completely and leave it out in the sun and fresh air for at least 12 hours.
  3. Store your bag in a large, breathable mesh bag like this one. You can also hang your bag in your closet using the hang loops included on the end of each of our bags.

Caring for Down Sleeping Bags

  1. Down bags are wonderful, but they are also the hardest to clean. We advise only wiping them down with a warm, damp cloth (i.e., spot cleaning), since washing your down sleeping bag will void the warranty. If you do choose to wash your bag, the fill will inevitably clump, and your bag may feel like it’s stuffed with cotton balls.
  2. If you do end up washing your bag, do so in a front-loading washer, on a gentle cycle and with a detergent that has been developed specifically for down.
  3. Your best option for drying your down sleeping bag is air drying. If you must tumble dry it, use a commercial-size dryer. Dry on low with tennis balls to help reduce the amount of clumping.

Caring for Canvas and Poly/Taffeta Bags

Great news if you have a canvas or taffeta bag: They tend to be easier to clean than down bags. Follow these simple steps to keep your warranty intact and remove the unpleasant next-day smells that come from beef chili in a can.

  1. Smaller bags should be hand-washed in the bathtub using a mild detergent. When you are finished, allow the bag to air dry. If you need to place it in a dryer, tumble dry on low heat. Do not over dry.
  2. Larger bags may be impractical for handwashing. All canvas and poly bags may be professionally dry cleaned. Note, dry cleaning can affect water resistant coatings. TETON Sports does not warranty bags that have lost some of their water resistance due to washing or dry cleaning.

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