5-Pack, 40-Pack, Disinfecting Alcohol Wipes


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This easy -to-use and portable pack of alcohol disinfectant wipes comes with 40 wipes in each package and a total of 5 packages, equaling 200 individual wipes. With 75% alcohol, these rubbing and massaging wipes decrease germs and can help to treat minor cuts, scrapes and burns.  Our handy, disposable wipes can be used for multiple purposes such as sanitizing objects, disinfecting skin, cleaning wounds, and more.



-75% isopropyl alcohol
-Multiple uses
-10 wipes per package, 4 packages total
-Alcohol wipes can effectively clean off the surface we touch, remove dust, moisture, and unwanted small particles.
-Skin friendly and safe to use

Specs and Sizing

Primary Features

Size: 14 x 18.5 cm
Package Quantity: 40-wipes per package, 5-packages total
Materials: Non-woven, pear embossed

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