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- Converts between tent with rainfly, tent without rainfly or rainfly as shelter
- Ultralight (anywhere from 2.9 to 3.75 lbs depending on your needs)
- Near vertical doorway and rainfly vestibule keep water out of your tent
- Easy one-person set-up
- Extra high walls on 1500mm 68D Oxford bathtub floor with reinforced heat taped corners
- Reinforced seams and anchor points
- Built-in gear pockets
- Lifetime Warranty


Now you can get away from the city lights and enjoy the whole view of the Milky Way. The ALTOS Tents have a full mesh top that allows for a perfect stargazing experience. They are lightweight and pack down tight for backpacking and camping. The easy one-pole setup has a shock cord bungee pole system that practically sets itself up. The innovative design includes a rainfly with cut away vents for optimal air flow and, because it’s free-standing, you can take it backpacking and camping anywhere outdoors. The tent floor extends up side walls to keep the elements out and the included rainfly doubles as a standalone shelter or sunshade. Made with reinforced, heat taped seams and anchor points and a lightweight aluminum pole system that will outlast carbon-fiber alternatives. You can expect this tent to be with you for years and years.

Specs and Sizing

Primary Features

Size: 96" x 50" x 42"
Total Pack Weight: 4.5 lbs.
Trail Pack Weight: 3.7 lbs.
Capacity: 2 Person
Doors: 1
Pole System: Single System - Aluminum Cross and Ridge Pole


Rainfly: 20D Nylon Ripstop 1500mm Silicon
Inner Tent: Micro Mesh

Storage & Conveniences

Packed Dimensions: 7" x 7" x 15"

Lifetime Warranty

TETON Sports has one of the best product guarantees in the business, made possible by our low defect rate and extra-mile customer service policy.

Customer Reviews

  • Rated 4.83 out of 5 based on 6 customer ratings

    Based on 6 reviews

  • todd

    this tent is awesome great weight have had all summer not one problem and not one leak have had a couple big storms come through while on hikes

  • Sarah

    This tent is great for camping during a hike. It’s very light weight and easy to assemble/take down.

  • swingski

    This tent is tremendous.

    Upon receipt of this glorious tent, I immediately opened and examined – reading through the short-and-sweet content (ie quick set up). Before I go further, let me advise you that the packaging cautions against opening with a blade as it may damage the internal contents – appreciate the heads up Teton, many of us will whimsically ravage our way in! Aside from the cautionary verbiage, there was also a cardboard spacer underneath the top flaps so some protection is afforded those who are rash in their actions. ; )

    I quickly went to the backyard to give the tent some much wanted fresh air. Instructions and obvious red match-points between the tent and footprint make alignment a cake walk. The custom pole frame is a machined marvel that’s unbelievably light and sturdy. After seamlessly easy connection of all pole segments (again, conveniently a continuous single piece), the skeleton frame secures beautifully to the pole insert connectors of both the tent and footprint. Quick connect tent hooks (love the leverage pieces at intersections btw) finish assembly in no time. Now, I assembled on an evening when rain was inbound, so I went full throttle with the rain fly. The general instruction to loop under the pole points could have been a bit more precise (engineering preference here) to advise if recommended under both the tent and footprint pole connectors, or just the tent pole connector (effectively sandwiching between the two connectors). Rain fly on, simple tension performed, there’s the added design wizardry of the vent extenders that otherwise fold up/in against the rain fly. The included stakes are basic, but light and admirable. My linked Amazon review at the bottom includes photos that show the assembly from bag to tented domain.

    Linked review pics showcase the openness of this tent when the rain fly is off – it’s gorgeous. For one who likes to camp exposed and among the world, there is little to obstruct. Whether the rain fly serves as weather required or privacy preferred, it does not feel cramped (mind you I’m working with the 2 person). The top cross bar probably deserves all the credit here, but the fly design and even the side spacers within it help immensely.
    Now, the practical prevails with a pair of gear pockets on each side of the door, a center hanger loop and one on each side of the tent top. The space within the 2-person works great for someone and their pack without any fight for room. I’ve included a video taken within the tent for some perspective on spaciousness. I then rocked a night with my daughter next to me and had no reason to complain with her small fry size allowing room for my pack in front of her feet (notice I opted to store gear by the door where it’s more wide). Beyond the inside, I really admire the dual zipper placement/direction on the rain fly door so you can open from top or bottom depending on need/preference. The Velcro points help as well to keep the flap more secured or use as quick-access instead of zip.
    I might suggest that if you’re a space saver (backpacking), a compression sack would be more ideal as the pouch is comfortably roomy when the tent/footprint/fly are rolled up nice and tight around the collapsed pole assembly/stakes. Still, it’s compact enough to stash at the base of a pack without excessive protrusion – pretty flush with my 44L pack (see review pic for reference).

    Without even factoring in personally experienced superb customer service and interaction with Teton, this tent alone stands up to my expectations and standards such that it fully merits a solid 5-star rating. This stems from both comfortable southern CA spring/summer/fall nights and also some occasions with grandiose thunderstorms full of noteworthy lightning and heavy rainfall. Look forward to more excursions with this tent soon…

  • Gary grimes

    This really looks like a great tent..will be ordering one soon and look forward to doing a full review and test on this!

  • Daniel Snider

    Awesome little tent for the price. Reasonably light and fairly easy to set up. “2 person” might be a slight stretch. 1 person plus a medium to large dog seems a little more accurate by my estimation. Regardless, I highly recommend it.

    P.S. getting the footprint included was a sweet bonus

  • Idaho


    Excellent design and easy set up/take down. I was thoroughly impressed when I got it out of the package, I slept without the rainfly on and loved the field of vision it provides. Also worth noting that should an issue arise, Teton has an excellent customer service team. I had a world class experience interacting with them after my tent lost a a strap due and some mesh due to a tired dog that wanted in.

    I will be buying Teton whenever I can.

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