Canyon2100 Canyoneering Backpack


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- Comes with easy-to-spot yellow 20-liter dry bag made of water-tight materials with it's own carry handle
- Contoured harness with chest adjustment means pack sits close to your back and rides smoothly when you move
- Durable, reinforced waist pads, with fully adjustable load and waist straps
- Access main cargo area through lower sleeping bag compartmentor from top cinched opening
- Base holes drain water fast when you submerge your pack
- Lifetime Warranty


When you’re canyoneering, you’ll be exploring deep inside the earth’s corridors and climbing or rappelling across cliff faces. It will push you to your physical and mental limits. It’s adventuring at its most extreme! Unfortunately, canyoneering gear also comes with a pretty extreme price tag. We designed the Canyon 2100 to be an affordable beginner canyoneering pack so that you can discover for yourself if it’s an adventure you want to make a part of your lifestyle—without breaking the bank. This versatile backpack will get you and all your gear from the top of the ridge to bottom of the canyon and back again with room for your rope, hardware, dry storage, and more. At a 35-Liter capacity you can load the Canyon2100 up with all the necessities and the pack will still ride tightly and comfortably; it has a contoured harness with chest adjustment so you can run and jump without fear of losing anything. It even comes with its own 20 Liter dry bag that floats and is an easy to spot bright yellow color.

Specs and Sizing

Primary Features

Capacity: 2100 Cubic Inches / 35 Liters
Hydration Capacity: 101 Ounces (3 Liter), Bladder Not Included
Pack Weight: 4 lbs. (without dry bag), 4.5 lbs. (with dry bag)
Waist Belt: 28" - 65"
Torso Length: Fixed 19"


Shell: 2MM Honeycomb Ripstop / 600D PU

Lifetime Warranty

TETON Sports has one of the best product guarantees in the business, made possible by our low defect rate and extra-mile customer service policy.

Customer Reviews

  • Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 6 customer ratings

    Based on 6 reviews

  • J Marx

    We’ve been Canoyneering for 4 seasons now and this has been a outstanding pack.
    Highly recommend this pack great features and durability.
    No idea what’s beginner about it at all , as with all Teton Sports products it’s a excellent piece of gear.

  • Lena

    Love this pack. My boys camp year round and this has held up through it all

  • John H.

    I like the color choice for this pack. I like that it has a 35-Liter capacity you can load the Canyon2100 up with all the necessities and the pack will still ride tightly and comfortably.

  • Kiki Kentris

    My son has this Teton backpack and LOVES it. He especially LOVES that it’s lightweight, the size (35L) is perfect for what he needs it for, and the versatility. He also loves the colour, nice shade of orange he says.

  • Tom

    I gave this five stars because out of the box this pack seems cleverly-designed and sturdily-constructed, not to mention I’ve had fantastic experience with Teton Sports products in the past. But be warned that a “fixed 19-inch” spine is exactly that, a fixed 19-inch spine. If you have a shorter spine by a couple inches, this will probably work just fine, but this pack is a bit too short for my 21″ spine. (6’4″ male here.) I’m debating whether to keep it or find a different one that fits my spine better, as I really do like the pack otherwise. It comes with a rain guard, lots of useful pockets, and water bottle holders big enough for 1.5L Nalgenes on both sides; and it’s otherwise very adjustable.

  • Paul Henri

    I’ve had the Canyon 2100 for approximately 2.5 years, and throughout that time it has served as my “carry-on” bag when travelling throughout Europe… it’s probably been to at least 30 countries with me! The bag is made of durable materials and has held up marvelously crammed in and out of overhead bins. Part the reason I chose the bag is because of the narrow profile… it’s fits 35 liters, but does so in a way that it was never too tall to fit inside the cabin of an aircraft (this is particularly tight on regional or budget airlines in Europe). It has plenty external facing pockets to make storing chargers, cables, and travel documents a synch, and the interior is divided like a camping bag with a bottom compartment good for stuffing small undergarments and the top compartment good for stacks of shirts and pants. All told, I can easily pack for a 4 day trip using just this bag and saving a ton on checked bag fees! Highly recommend!

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