Mesa 14 Tent Footprint


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- Tent footprint protects your tent floor from rocks, and roots; added layer of protection from water
- Waterproof tarp fits perfectly under the TETON Sports Mesa Canvas Tent
- Strong woven tarp will extend the lie of your tent's floor
- A great addition to all your outdoor activities; protects you from the ground and saves your spot
- Tarp comes with its own drawstring oxford storage bag for your convenience
- Lifetime Warranty


This sturdy treated canvas tarp is the perfect footprint for your TETON Sports Canvas Tent or any other tent that needs a heavy-duty ground tarp.. It will protect your tent from all manner of ground debris and adds a layer of protection from water. The 450 mm waterproofing keeps water where it belongs—outside of the tent. In addition to protection, the footprint keeps the bottom of the tent cleaner than using the tent alone. Less clean up while camping outdoors is always a good thing. Additionally, this footprint makes a great ground tarp for other outdoor activities. Use it as a picnic blanket, ground cover for resting during a hike, or as a sturdy beach blanket for the whole family. Its many functions will surprise you. Remember that all TETON Sports products come with our Lifetime Warranty, so your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Specs and Sizing

Primary Features

Size: 10' x 14'
Pack Weight: 4 lbs.


Material: Poly 150D 450mm W/R W/P

Storage & Conveniences

Size (packed): 14.5" x 6" x 6"

Lifetime Warranty

TETON Sports has one of the best product guarantees in the business, made possible by our low defect rate and extra-mile customer service policy.

Customer Reviews

  • Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings

    Based on 2 reviews

  • Sarah

    Great for keeping the floor of your tent nice and clean. This footprint is easy to shake out or wipe off and makes packing up very quick and easy. It’s always nice to have an extra layer between you and your tent and the cold, sometimes wet ground.

  • Brittany

    We borrowed the Mesa 14 tent from my brother and the footprint was really handy. It took two extra minutes or less to set it up and really kept the tent clean, dry, and warm. It seems like an no-brainer to me, get the footprint!

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