Outfitter XXL Camp Cot (Pivot Arm)


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- Pairs with the Outfitter XXL Camp Pad
- Patented steel leg design
- Oversized sleeping area supports up to 600 lbs.
- Compatible with Outfitter XXL Camp Pad
- Outfitter XXL Quick Tent, Gun Sleeve, and Organizer (sold separately)
- Cot folds up to a compact 42" x 12" x 7" for easy transport
- One-person setup and take down is quick and easy
- Durable canvas fabric suspends your weight from the frame for a more comfortable night's sleep
- Lifetime Warranty


Call 1-833-GO-TETON (1-833-468-3866) for bulk pricing.

With the Outfitter XXL Camp Cot we set out to make a super strong cot that would feel as good as your bed at home and be easy to set up. So the strength is in the patented steel S-leg design. It has a 600 lb (272 kg) weight capacity. And the innovations don’t stop there:

It’s also incredibly easy to set up. The last corner pulls the canvas tight and that troublesome fourth corner is so much easier to get in place with our patented pivot arm. It’s a built-in lever that makes putting the tightest end bar into place quick and easy. Now you get the support you need, but the pivot arm does all the work for you so the fourth corner is as easy as the first.

We’ve tested it under 600 lbs of firewood, against Bigfoot, football linebackers and even a whole hoard of enthusiastic children. So you can be sure, it will hold and give you a great night’s sleep.

Made of 600D Oxford canvas, this cot will last you a lifetime. Add the TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Camp Pad to your purchase for a 5-star camping experience.

Specs and Sizing

Primary Features

In-Use Product Dimensions: 85" x 41" x 19"
Pack Weight: 26 lbs.
Color: Black


Bed: Heavy-duty 600D Brushed Poly Canvas
Frame: Extruded Aluminum
Legs: Reinforced Steel S-Leg Assembly

Storage & Conveniences

Dimensions (stored): 42" x 12" x 7"

Lifetime Warranty

TETON Sports has one of the best product guarantees in the business, made possible by our low defect rate and extra-mile customer service policy.

Customer Reviews

  • Rated 4.87 out of 5 based on 30 customer ratings

    Based on 30 reviews

  • dreeves0529

    Best cot I ever own. My cot is a little older without the pivot arm. I have used it for 4 years. Just purchased the tent and extended rain fly. The pivot arm is a great idea. I am a little jealous that my cot does not have one. Good Job Teton.

  • Gordon Cornell

    I own two of these. My first one is five years old and the second one is two years old. My adult son is 6’11” 350 lbs and this cot with pad allows him to sleep very comfortable. We use these cots apprx 35 to 40 nights a year and they show no signs of wear. Sure they are weighty but well worth the stoutness.

  • Sandy Simons

    PHENOMENAL COMFORT , off the ground, feel that amazing sleep that only the outdoor adventures bring you total Zzz’ssss

  • Colleen C

    I hate sleeping on the ground & this cot makes sure don’t need to. Strong, sturdy & built to last a lifetime. It’s the perfect cot for me.

  • Ryan

    Worked great at hunting camp

  • George Morris

    It was big enough for my 2 grand-kids to sleep comfortably and had held up well.

  • theresa j

    Great size cot for a roomy single or a cozy double. Very sturdy

  • Chad white

    Been using this cot for many years and it has always been amazing! Whether it’s a couple days or 10…. it won’t let you down.

  • Robin O’Brien

    Second time setting this cot up. Had nothing but trouble the first time. (Didn’t read the instructions. Second time still had an issue using the pivot arm. Hoping it gets easier the more I use it. Have not used it to sleep on yet. But something tells me very soon that I will be. Just lost my job and have no money. So here in about a week I will be without a solid roof over my head. Got my Teton XXL cot and my Kodiak Swag tent. Will keep you advise as how it goes, and get a true review with an every day use review.

  • Michael

    I bought this cot thru Amazon when it was on sale. This is a BIG cot. I use it in a Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow 7X8 tent and this takes up half the floor space in that tent. The cot is very sturdy and well built. Its easy to set up after the first time. I spent the winter of 2019/2020 in Death Valley and the Desert Southwest sleeping on the XXL using a vintage Cabelas pad and a Teton Sports XL bag, I found it to be very comfortable and sturdy. I would purchase it again if anything were to happen to this one. Great buy and I heartily recommend it.

  • Tracy Anderson (verified owner)

    WOW! I love this cot. I got it yesterday along with the pad for it. Set it up and slept on it to test it out. I had a great night of sleep. I love the extra width and stability of it. I could turn over without feeling like I would fall off of it. Even if you don’t camp much this would be great to have for company to sleep on. This is a great product!

  • Jody J

    Love this Heavy Duty Made Cot Bed!! I don’t have the Pivot, I have the Original XXL. Also the XXL Mattress. Sleep like a baby! It’s my All-Time Bed.
    My Dog sleeps with me as well, we have not a problem. Ordering the Pivot XXL with another XXL Mattress and put them side by side. One for me (Restless legs Syndrome) and my Diesel on the other; so I don’t keep him awake. I Highly recommend this “Bed.” Indoors and Out!

  • Shawn Hartley

    Im 275lbs and this cot with the optional pad is amazing. Plenty of room on the length and width to sleep in any position. Simple setup and quality. If you see any bad reviews ignore them. This is easy and high quality.

  • Charlotte

    I am not a big camper. I’ve always found it very uncomfortable. I always end up freezing and in a small tent with too many people. This year we went camping as an extended family and the first night was TRULY awful. I was so cold, and the ground was hard. The second night, my awesome dad brought over his TETON Outfitter XXL Cot and Outfitter XXL Camp Pad for me to use and I can’t believe what a difference it made. I was able to sleep so comfortably with my baby and being off the ground changed my whole night. I wasn’t stiff and sore in the morning, I wasn’t freezing all night, and I wasn’t counting the hours until I could “wake up”. “After that trip, I knew I had to get my own cot and I haven’t been camping without it since. I can’t believe how quickly it sets up with the pivot arm. It’s perfect for car camping and honestly, it’s easy to clean (as I found out after there was a diaper incident with the baby). I really liked having extra room, so I didn’t feel like I was going to fall off. The included storage bag makes carrying it from the car to the tent really easy. I will never regret this purchase! I’m buying one for my husband for Christmas.

  • Lori

    This cot is the greatest! My favorite item that TETON Sports makes. Both my husband and I have one and we both love them. The pivot arm makes it so easy to set up. We have used them on several campouts. We also use them quite often as extra guest beds. This is the most comfortable cot that I have slept on. I use the outfitter pad with the cot and get a great nights sleep. It is about the same size as a twin bed. I also love that there is a tent that you can use on this cot. Makes camping so much more comfortable!

  • Shawnie

    I’ve had a couple of the Outfitter XXL Cots for some time now. I love them! They are super roomy, and comfortable. They are simple to set up and take down. They feel extremely sturdy. I’ve had friends borrow them for out of town wedding guests to sleep on and they commented on how comfortable and convenient they were. They hold up well and the fabric stays taut. Beats sleeping on the ground any day. Don’t forget to grab the Outfitter XXL Camp Pad to complete your luxury camping experience!

  • Barton Hall

    Amazing cot one of the best investment I’ve ever made.
    I hunt, camp, and fish. I will be using this cot Year round.

  • Paul Cox

    Just purchased two of your XXL cots. Have not had a chance to use them yet but look well constructed.

    But the carry bag had no zipper. This bothers me because we transport them on top of a small trailer pulled by a motorcycle ☹

  • abercrd7

    This cot is the “bomb” to quote the youngsters. A few comments I haven’t seen;
    1)Don’t be like me and wait too long to use the pivot arm….. brilliant design addition to make it SOOO much easier to assemble (dead simple, actually). 1a)Don’t lift the cot by the end bars, whoops!
    2)I fashioned some pieces of 2″x6″ blocks with 7/16″ dowels for stability to raise the cot (I’m an old fart), and to stick some shelving underneath, AND you can just plop this cot down and use the stacking blocks to accommodate a slope of up to 3″ end-to-end. (This would be a nice feature to sell oh Grand Teton designers.) 2a)No more sweeping & preparing your tent site (if you get the piggyback tent, which I have coming).
    I have spent almost 2 years total of my life camping (hiking well over 5,000 miles), and this is the most exciting new offering ever (the cot, pad, BIG bag (I have two to zip together, ooh, la, la, dream on, Dave) piggyback tent and the Vista 2 Rainfly for my one-man setup (for extra room) if possible.

  • kingston ontario


    Fantastic experience! I had a couple of tears which may have happened during shipping and I contacted Alexandra, a rep and she was very professional and fast at helping to send me a new piece for the cot. Thank you!

  • Ohio

    Nancy Rickson

    I have slept better in this cot than in my own bed. Mine did not have the pivot arm, but I look forward to buying a new one. I used mine for four years, for 4 months each year. It held up to my 300 pounds with no difficulty. Definitely worth the investment.

  • AZ


    I have the Pre-Pivot version of this cot. I also have the XXL Pad and the tent. I am a BIG guy, 6’3 and 370. I sleep like a baby on this cot. And add the tent and I have slept comfortable down to about 0 degrees F. I REALLY want to get the pivot arm version as I have to use a pry bar to get it assembled, but it is rock solid. I never feel “in danger” of it collapsing or anything like that.

  • DARREN PHILLIPS (verified owner)

    I had a damaged XXL cot when it arrived in the mail and Alexandra was understanding and took care of me. I appreciate what she did and because of her I’ll continue doing business with Teton in the future. I love the cot, It’s goes up quick and with the pad it’s awesome! Thank you Alexandra!

  • Maine

    Juan Marcos (verified owner)

    Used the XXL for a week when I visited family out of state. I always sleep on a hard mattress at home and the XXL had very similar firmness. Plus at 6’2″ the overall size of the cot was perfect for me, plenty of room. I will purchase 1 or 2 for my home for the occasion overnight stay in our home.

  • CA

    Randy B

    I bought a XXL cot in 2019 and enjoyed it on several camping trips. I had a great night’s sleep every time, and I find it very comfortable for a big and tall man who’s a side sleeper. On our last camping trip, the cot failed. We contacted TETON, and their customer service team came through fabulously. The replacement cot arrived yesterday. If you have issues and require customer support, Alexandra was wonderful to work with. Thanks to the TETON team for a great product and even better customer service.

  • NE

    Charles Stewart

    XXL cot has been great for me. One of the hinge bolts lost the nut and I could not find so contacted TETON to ask about getting a bolt to fix. They sent me two sets so should be able to keep the cot going for me. I use the cot a lot so a nut coming off would not be unusual. TETON has great products and great customer service.

  • John Stears (verified owner)

    From JS in Michigan:
    I had an issue in the ordering process (my fault) which was taken care of right away by Alexandra plus a shipping/delivery question followed up later by Malorie in their chat. I have not received my items as of yet but am impressed already as to how this company operates. I would rather see my money go in to their paychecks rather than a reseller to keep my next purchasing experience from Teton similarly personal. Their July 4th sale was definitely a big help in our getting as much product/value as we could for our money. I also like the fact that that they are an American company employing Americans at a fair price (unlike many other outfitters nowadays) versus the skyrocketing prices that we have been seeing for quite a few years now with little to no service.
    I will be looking here first for my next outdoor purchases due to my first impression of this company.

  • Alabama


    I purchased one of these XXL cots thinking it would be slightly bigger than my standard cot. Man was I wrong. This thing is huge!!!! Plenty of room to get comfy. I slept on it during a 9 day hunt and no complaints at all. Add a sleeping bad to the top and you are set!! Actually had another hunting buddy order one as well. Same results for him! Can’t go wrong with this beast!!

  • NY

    Christopher Jones

    I’m 6 foot 6 , 350 lbs. This cot is exactly what I was looking for. It’s long enough, wide enough, and strong enough to hold me. Tested through 3 camping trips already. Want the pad for it next! Five stars.

  • Florida

    Andrew Sanderson

    This is a fantastic cot, very comfortable and supports me in a great nights sleep. It is large when folded, but I won’t go camping without it. I coupled it with the XXL pad, the Fahrenheit sleeping bag, and the cot organizer and it is a match made in heaven.

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