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- Roomy 87" x 36" rectangular liner fits large people comfortably
- Perfect take-along if you're not sure your sleeping bag will be warm enough
- Adds about 10 degrees of warmth to a sleeping bag
- Can be used alone as a warm-weather sleeping bag or travel sheet
- Keeps sleeping bag clean and dry
- Machine washable and dryable
- Soft and breathable like a luxury sheet
- Brushed fabric finish designed to stay put in your sleeping bag instead of twisting around you as you move
- Innovative fabric is extremely durable yet still thin
- Reinforced seams and openings
- Hooded area for pillow
- Both sides are open 24" for easy exit and entry
- Velcro fasteners keep sides together for a snug night's sleep
- Safety Velcro folds over itself when not in use to protect your skin
- Includes stuff sack with drawstring cord, barrel-lock and handle
- Lighter weight and more packable than fleece
- Weighs just 12 ounces
- Lifetime Warranty


Durable, brushed fabric design minimizes twisting during the night. Top sides open 24″ and fold down for easy entrance and ecit. Safety Velcro tabs close the openings to keep out drafts. Square pillow hood and reinforced seams. Use liner with a sleeping bag to improve warmth by about 10 degrees or by itself as a warm-weather bag or travel sheet. Machine washable and dryable. Includes stuff sack with drawstring, barrel-lock, and handle.

Specs and Sizing

Primary Features

Size: 87" x 36"
Opening: 24" Left and Right Side Velcro Openings
Pack Weight: 12 oz.


Material: Double-Brushed P5 Poly Hi-Count or Cotton

Storage & Conveniences

Storage: Stuff Sack

Lifetime Warranty

TETON Sports has one of the best product guarantees in the business, made possible by our low defect rate and extra-mile customer service policy.

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