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#HikerChat Quick Tip - Trail Magic

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#HikerChat Quick Tip - Trail Magic. Have you ever spent a few long days on the trail and huge burger and fries sounds like the best thing in the world? Maybe you've thru-hiked one of the countries many beautiful trails and experienced the unexpected kindness of another person providing just such a helping hand. That is what we call "Trail Magic." Trail Magic "is a quintessential part of" any thru-hiking experience. It is what helps and assists weary hikers on the trail, raises moral and can create lifetime friendships. To thru-hike any long distance trail whether it be the PCT, the AT or any other trail, it takes huge amounts of time, resources, and sheer determination. Many thru-hikers who have experienced Trail Magic have shared how it has helped and assisted them in their ability to continue their journey. Providing Trail Magic for someone on the trail is a special gift for both the giver and the receiver. Providing a hot meal, a snack, candy bar, or even just talking with a thru-hiker are all examples of Trail Magic. If you don't live close to a long distance trail you can still support hikers as there are many ways to mail supplies. However, you decide to support a hiker with a little Trail Magic know that it will likely be received with great thanks! For information on how to mail food and other items to hikers on the PCT, click HERE.