TETON Sports began as an idea. An idea that no matter the person, no matter the time and no matter the place, anyone and everyone should be able to get outdoors and enjoy life. We started small and grew, determined to build a world and a culture and gear that would allow us all to experience the beauty and magic of the outdoors. Our tents, sleeping bags, cots, hammocks, and backpacks do just that.

Over the years, we’ve come to believe that growing older shouldn’t mean growing sedentary. We spend our days building and selling awesome gear, and we spend our evenings out on the trail chasing the next summit. We hope you’re out there too.

At the heart of the matter, when you strip away the fluff, TETON is here to help—help all kinds of people from different backgrounds get outdoors and enjoy life. We know that getting outdoors makes a difference in people’s lives, and we want to see that difference more and more in the world. We are the brand people can trust without a moment’s hesitation. We do business differently than a lot of other companies because we believe relationships and people and experiences matter more than stuff, even though we build and sell stuff! The outdoor industry is fluid, trendy and ever changing, and we respect that innovation. But when it comes to identity, we believe in staying true to our values and being here over the long haul for our customers and partners.

We are a privately held company, incorporated in Utah in 2005. We are headquartered at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains in Cedar Hills, Utah, with a warehouse in Salt Lake City.