Couple cuddles around fire in sleeping bag while camping.

Fall Camping Gear Favorites

By Sorcha Szczerbiak As the leaves start to turn vibrant colors and you notice a chill in the air during the early mornings and evenings, those are sure signs that fall is on the way. There’s no be...
Woman holds hydration pack while sitting on rock.

How to Clean Your Hydration Bladder

By Sorcha SzczerbiakHydration bladders are convenient ways to keep your hands free while bringing the water needed to quench your thirst during an active adventure. However, they’re like most outdo...
Bear stands on camp cot growling.

Backpacking in Bear Country? How to Hike Safely

by Pamela Sapio I love hiking. And since you're reading this blog, it's probably safe to assume you love hiking, too. But the thing to remember about spending time on the trail is that other hikers...
Man looks out at sunset with backpack.

Digital Detox: How the Outdoors Can Help You Put Your Phone Away

By Sorcha SzczerbiakSmartphones are arguably among the most convenient modern inventions. But for every advantage they bring, you can probably think of a downside, too. They might help you stay in ...
Rock Climbing: Scaling the Great Outdoors — Which TETON Pack to Bring?

Rock Climbing: Scaling the Great Outdoors — Which TETON Pack to Bring?

Whether you’re just getting into rock climbing or are a seasoned enthusiast, having the right pack along for the adventure is essential. It’ll help you carry all the necessary gear, snacks and wate...
Woman walking with backpack through woods.

Mastering Mindfulness with the Healing Sounds of Nature

By: Pamela Sapio I'm always surprised by the people I see on the trail with earbuds in. Not that I don't love listening to tunes or diving into the latest episode of my favorite podcast, but one of...
Woman places bags inside tent.

From Car to Campsite, Sleep Happy in the New Celsius Sleeping Bag

By Pamela Sapio When spending time outdoors, the value of a good night's sleep cannot be overstated. Few things are worse than waking up shivering, or drenched in sweat, or with kink in your neck o...
Man walking in woods with backpack solo.
hiking solo

Solo Hiking: 6 Tips to Stay Safe on the Trail

It was Thoreau who wrote, “I never found the companion that was so companionable as solitude.” And for many of us, it's the very reason we seek out the quiet places in nature. To escape the crowds ...
A deer fawn stands amidst tall grass.

Wildlife Watching: Spotting Birds, Deer and Other Animals

Spending time outside is a fantastic  way to get memorable reminders of how you’re sharing the planet with wildlife. Watching creatures in their native habitats could give you a renewed appreciatio...