How to Stay Safe While Hiking

How To: Stay Safe While Hiking

It seems lately there’s always a story on the news about someone disappearing in the wilderness while camping or hiking. Since these are our favorite activities, we want to share a few tips that wi...
Hiking first aid kit
Backpacking / Hiking

How To: Prepare a First Aid Kit for Hiking

When it comes to first aid some thoughtful preparation can go a long way to offering peace of mind or saving a life. Most everyone will use their kit at some point during an adventure. Though we ho...
3 Must-have Items to Keep in Your Safety Kit

3 Must-have Items to Keep in Your Safety Kit

Alpine. Forests. Or even that ever-popular "deserted island": Whatever the territory, you just passed through the unimaginable — a multi-day backcountry emergency — unscathed. You can chalk it up t...