Fahrenheit Mammoth 0 Degree Double Sleeping Bag


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- Car camping double sleeping bag
- Rated for cold temperatures
- Sturdy taffeta shell
- Soft-to-the-touch cotton flannel liner
- Mummy style hood
- Double-layer construction entire width and length of bag
- Full-width baffles and full-length zipper and shoulder draft tubes
- Sturdy anti-snag two-way zippers with metal pulls
- Unzip completely to make two camp comforters
- Lifetime Warranty


The Fahrenheit Mammoth Double Sleeping Bag is the perfect two-person sleep system when you’re looking to enjoy the outdoors together. The soft-to-the-touch cotton liner, draft tubes and mummy-style hood make it just right for snuggling. Simply bring one sleeping bag to eliminate the hassle of packing two separate sleeping bags and zipping them together.  It’s thoughtfully designed so you’ll never want to leave the comfort of your sleeping bag.

Specs and Sizing

Primary Features

Size: 94" x 62"
Pack Weight: 16.5 lbs.
Temperature Rating: 0˚F


Shell: Taffeta
Liner: 100% Cotton Flannel
Filler: SuperLoft Elite Hollow Fiber

Storage & Conveniences

Size (packed-not compressed): 28" x 15.75" x 15.75"
Storage: Oxford Stuff Sack with Drawstring Closure

Lifetime Warranty

TETON Sports has one of the best product guarantees in the business, made possible by our low defect rate and extra-mile customer service policy.

Customer Reviews

  • Rated 4.80 out of 5 based on 5 customer ratings

    Based on 5 reviews

  • memaeallan (verified owner)

    LOVE IT!!!

  • Ricky Dean (verified owner)

    Just arrived today. Looks to be plenty big and should definitely keep the two of us warm. But couldn’t roll it tight enough to get back in stuff sack. Had to separate and put onto two bags. Needs compression straps and then a multi strap compression bag ti make it smaller for your pack. But overall satisfactory.

  • Jose Lopez

    Use this bag in a Roof top tent and it fits perfectly. Sleeps my 1 year old son, wife and I perfectly snug, warm and comfortable. Taken it down to about 30 degrees and it still kept me plenty warm (sweating almost!)

  • Heather

    I’ve been looking for a good, comfortable sleeping bag for a while now that could withstand cold temperatures. As soon as it arrived the hubby, 2 pups, and myself took off to find snow to test its capabilities. This sleeping bag did not disappoint! We did not find the snow we were hoping for but we did find the frigid temperatures. We camped 2 nights in Kentucky with lows around 25°F with no heater on and were both sweating inside the bag in our noninsulated rooftop tent and even the dogs were panting by morning in it. The third night we stayed in Missouri where the temperature dropped significantly to 9°F with a windchill of -6°F and once again we slept with no heater on and were extremely comfortable inside the bag. It was big enough for 2 pups weighing around 20lbs each, my husband who is around 190lbs, and myself at 160lbs. It’s super plump for extra comfort, has velcro on both sides at the top to keep the zipper from coming down in the middle of the night, a spot on either side on the inside at the top to put a smaller cell phone to keep it out of the cold, and a drawstring to synch the top around you. I am curious though how long this sleeping bag will hold up but for now I would definitely recommend this to anyone who plans to brave the cold temperatures like we did. I will definitely be buying another temperature rated one to camp with in warmer weather because I feel we would be too warm with the Zero Fahrenheit bag once temperatures were above 35°F but this one is perfect for the temperatures we tested it in.

  • Michigan

    Mike and Karen Norton

    Just returned from camping above 10,000 feet in the San Juan Mountains. We wanted to stay warm and this bag is fantastic. So cozy, so roomy, so warm. The challenge is to convince yourself to leave it in the morning. We love it. But this thing is HUGE! No way we could get it back into compression bag. It wouldn’t fit in any of our totes. So we bought a 50×60 sea bag to store it in. It takes up a lot of room in our jeep. Zipping it apart and putting it in two bags like suggested above is a great idea (not sure why we didn’t think of that.) Anyway, we love this bag and now must plan more cold weather camping to do before our camping days are over (we are almost 70).

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